by - 07 January

I'm a smartphone addict undeniably. And today is Day-19 of my No-Phone Challenge.
In fact, this challenge is not what I intended to do, and I had never thought of I would ever been experiencing this, as all my friends said that I had my phone glued to hands 24/7.

All is because 19 days ago, I accidentally dropped my iPhone6 into the toilet bowl... And the screen went crazy with stripes for few hours. I still so stupid to connect it to laptop, thinking to back up the information. And it died, officially..

My first thought is to repair it. As I'm saving up for a Mac, it is not a good time to spend on a new phone. I took it to Maccity, they only allowed one-to-one exchange with cash.

Challenge #1
Definitely is without an alarm clock. Life without a phone and alarm clock, I have to sleep before 12 midnight to ensure when I wake up, its not already noon. Luckily I managed to wake up automatically before 830am (my work starts at 9). If my work starts at 8, I would need to get an alarm clock as the alternative.
However, I still not able to check weather forecast beforehand while deciding what to wear for the day.

Challenge #2
No camera
If you know me, you know I love to take pictures.
Life without Instagram & Snapchat is boring. Yes there is desktop version of Instagram, but it does not support posting a photo / stories, and inbox feature. During the days without phone, my office had a christmas lunch buffet and christmas gift exchange session, I couldn't snap photos and share the hapiness online as usual. Also I have no idea is it only happen to my laptop, insta stories video just could not load. Ughh.

Challenge #3
No Whatsapp. As my parents does not use fb messenger or wechat, I have been disconnected with them since the day my phone broke down. Also it is super hard to connect with my friends when we were meeting up. I have to rush back to my place after work to check fb messenger regarding the meet up place and time first, instead of straight heading out after work.

Challenge #4
Less choice of transport
On weekends, I either stay in or go out to explore the little Singapore. Without the apps in smartphone, I had to skip Uber and bike (example: Ofo), and public bus too, as I need use Google Maps to reach the exact destination from the bus stop.
So I have left with only MRT.

Day 10th, 29 December, my company was off for 4 days until 2 Jan. I should have went back to hometown, but thinking of spending 2 hours waiting in queue in custom and 16 hours (go and forth) sitting in long journey bus, I chose to stay home with my laptop.
It was a long weekend, I was so bored and wanted to invite some friends for dinner, but none of them are here.
Finally I beh tahan and went online to order a phone with a mobile plan. (And the delivery takes one week thus 19 days no phone challenge)

Verdict: Life is VERY troublesome without a phone. I cant imagine how old people used to live without internet.
The only advantage is you spend less time on phone everyday, and that makes you able to get other things done.

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