April 30 Day Drawing Challenge

by - 30 April

I know my drawing is not good and they are not drawn from my own imaginary but a picture... But I just want to give a try okay. ^_^

Short hair, a full frame glasses, a simple tee with a short pants, yeah that's me.

I had the thought of drawing a panda/horse/puppy, but then I ended up drawing a pegasus+unicorn.

Guess fast food is everyone's fav food.

I can live in my bed f o r e v e r.

Google will always be there for me whenever I need help.

The Hunger Games Ftw!

A brave boy. I adore you.

Minions are the funniest thing on Earth.

Fyi, this is 花楹 from 仙剑奇侠传3.

POLO. Mint. The best.

Here's a NUDE PICTURE. HAHA.  I realised that you can't do anything without health, it's the most important one.

Idk what was I drawing, that's not even a accomplishment, lol. Just ignore it.

I should draw a comic (not fav. comic char.), but. She is 四叶妹妹 and I suggest you to read the comic if you haven't because she is super adorable.

Snow White. Classic.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hey.

Yay Katniss Everdeen is finally here!

Lucky grass. How lucky would I be if I had one.

Just a doodle.

Babies are new life, init?

Something orange? Orange then.

I have no where to store my songs... Someone buy one for me, iPod nano will do.
BSMM camp in 2011. I miss those days so fking bad.

Since I'm going out to study. MacBook or Acer?

How cute.

Beach and Sunshine.

Ew, I don't want to see this. Go away.

HEHEHE, my dearest Key! <3

Vintage cameras. Or basically cameras.

France. Paris. Eiffel Tower.

WOW, I MADE IT! Well done to myself. :)

And now I'm doing a photo challenge called #PhotoADayMay.
You can see them on my Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram / here.

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  1. LOL.. this is the second time I read your blog and there's only 1 sentence.. which says that you'll update it later.. xD

    1. HAHAHA, cuz I uninstalled the software for the scanner.. have to install it back first lol..

    2. anyway, nice work!! you're seriously amazing!!!! xDDD

  2. ishhh -.-

  3. 對啊,快點更新。期待。

    1. 哈哈我以为我的blog没人看的~ 谢谢妳们 :P

  4. 画画好美怎么说不美呢?

    1. 真的吗?*_* 因为跟我姐的比起来是很不美啦 ><
      没有哦, 我不会设计的..这些都是看着图片画的 XD

  5. Wow!! Super cute drawings!! Love it! Seriously, your drawings are all cute & nice! <3 :D :D

  6. Since when did you become so good?! LOL keep it up

  7. i think your sketches r awesome ^^